Selling a product so impactful it brings people tears of joy

Ava has built the best real-time transcription service (combining AI & human transcription) on the market. Our mobile, web, and desktop apps integrate seamlessly with existing tools and workflows to make all meetings and conversations fully accessible for deaf & hard-of-hearing employees, students, and individuals. Well-funded and with a product & tech stack that is miles ahead of the competition, we are now scaling Sales in North America, Europe, and beyond.

Besides an incredible growth opportunity, this is a unique chance to work with a set of products and services that are truly making an impact on people's lives. Every day we get messages like this from our users "Ava scribe has been incredibly helpful this year. I have passed all my university classes with more than an average grade everywhere thanks to this service."

Your mission will be to demo and close deals coming into our pipeline, and show your hustle while hunting for new business, and developing Ava's playbook for selling to employers, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, and other organizations looking to empower d/Deaf & hard-of-hearing people. Selling becomes so much easier and so much more fun when you are actually solving a need that is everywhere. Instead of wondering if the client needs it, the question becomes when and how big we can start? Each new client means a step closer to our vision of a fully accessible world. Come help us walk faster and close more steps every day.

Our customer base ranges from small startups and schools, to the biggest universities, retailers, and fortune 500 companies. We're still an early sales team transitioning from founder led sales, to a well oiled sales machine, so no better time to join and take on a lot of responsibilities while growing with the success of the company. Your contributions will actually make the difference!

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