Make France & EU accessible to deaf/hard-of-hearing folks

Ava has built the best real-time captioning service out there (mixing AI & human transcription) and its app & web suite integrates seamlessly in any conversation to make them inclusive for deaf & hard-of-hearing employees, students and individuals. Well-funded and with a tech & product miles away from the competition, Ava is now ready to scale sales in France, and largely EU.

Your mission will be to develop Ava's playbook of selling to organizations (Mid-Market, Large Enterprises, Universities) looking to include deaf/hard-of-hearing members. You'll adapt this playbook to the local specificities of the French market (1-2 years), then the EU one (within 2 years).

Imagine selling a product that is truly needed and appreciated by millions of users, helping lift any B2B sale, and building out a fierce sales & marketing team from the ground up. This is your chance to be foundational to a startup at the cusp of hyper-growth nearing $1M ARR with double-digit growth, with buyers who are Lead HR or Accessibility Managers at customers such as Nike, Framatome, Air France, TotalEnergies, EDF, Université Assas and UC San Diego.

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